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A reading with Pernille offers you clear, loving remembrance of the truth that dwells within, whether it be your personal or professional life.

Through the years, Pernille has allowed the Universe to guide her in helping hundreds of people from all over the world re-open doors in their lives that were temporarily shut off through nothing more than "forgetfulness" of their true selves - of their Buddha nature.


Readings with Pernille take place via Skype or Zoom, and include divinely channeled messages and guidance specific to your current life situation. Her work reaches beyond any restrictions of the physical world, making your location of no consequence to going deep into your healing work.

"It has been such an incredible gift for me to receive the Buddha Hood readings from Pernille. Her healing has allowed me to connect with this wonderful universe of total light and love within. My soul just feels lifted and purified, somehow. 


I really feel as though everything is possible after these readings. Everything is simple and easy, and whatever used to feel heavy or blocked just vanishes. It's like finally being able to see the sun again and knowing that you're exactly where you're meant to be..." 

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Did you momentarily lose track of your direction and wish to get back on your path? Through this deeply personal reading, you will be able to release any blocks that blind your sight, whether physical, psychological or karmic, and reconnect with the amazing love and bliss that are inherently yours. 

The challenges you are facing, however real they may seem, are nothing more than a fata morgana; a perfect illusion. In this reading, your illusions are revealed for what they really are through deep insights, loving support and guidance to assist you in taking the necessary steps beyond the illusion. But perhaps most importantly, your guidance is brought to you with laughter and lightness to help you integrate its wisdom into your everyday life. 


Pernille's calling is to help you remember your truth - to support you in dissolving the illusion so that you may move forward with strength, clarity and lightness on your sacred personal pilgrimage.​

With Pernille's help, you enter into an honest and sacred space, unrestricted by time and physical location. You are gently guided into clarity and truth in the areas of your life that previously appeared closed off to you. A deep reconnection with the rhythm of life and love.



Through many years, Pernille has been helping companies successfully move through difficult phases of their business cycle. She has worked with everything from mergers and acquisitions, hiring and firing, product launches, crisis and conflict resolution to general assessments of the individual business. Her unique ability to cut to the core of an issue enables her to clearly see both surface level and deeply rooted challenges and make them accessible, so that they may be solved. As a result, your company is able to move forward from a potentially stagnated situation into a new and healthy cycle.


Still in this day and age, consulting a clairvoyant business consultant is a big taboo for many; none the less, however, more and more companies do, and with great success. In response to increasingly more companies discovering the unique advantages of receiving such counselling, Pernille offers divinely channeled guidance and messages in combination with her innate business understanding. Like a personal reading, business readings are strictly confidential.


In a business reading with Pernille, not only will you receive clear guidance for your business; you will also walk away feeling alive and awake on a personal level. A deep activation of trusting your professional skills as well as your intuition is simply inevitable. An activation of your inner master that guides you - not only in business relations, but in all aspects of life.

A business reading with Pernille immediately highlights the most prominent challenges your business is currently facing (which more than likely are invisible to you). Guidance to help you eliminate obstacles that hinder healthy growth and progress for your business.


"Dearest Pernille - I'm absolutely thrilled and humbled at the experiences I have with you through our work together. Our conversations and sessions are just out of this world.  

Every time we meet, I experience an expanded heart connection and the acknowledgment of a higher level of consciousness about who I am and the possibilities that lie ahead of me. With your unconditional love and strong connection to the universal energies, I really feel that you're able to reach me at my core. ..."

"I have participated in Pernille's workshops, retreats and pilgrim journeys to France... and of course, had personal healing sessions and readings with her. Through her wisdom, I’ve received a handful of very powerful tools to deeply transform and balance my life. She’s helped me find clarity, and the courage to take action on some of the things that are important in my life."

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