In her time as a healer, Pernille has worked with people from all walks of life - with all kinds of challenges and gifts. 

Please explore their heartfelt accounts of meeting Pernille to get an idea of the endless possibilities her work entails. These are their acknowledgments and letters of gratitude for what they took with them upon a life-changing encounter with The Pilgrim of Life.


"Without these very special beings who chose to trust me with their innermost feelings, I wouldn't be able to share these words of praise. I'm forever grateful and honored to have met them, every single one of them. Such wonderful and brave pilgrims of life they are."

- Pernille Mouritsen

Anette Paritout

"It has been such an incredible gift for me to receive the Buddha Hood readings from Pernille. Her healing has allowed me to connect with this wonderful universe of total light and love within. My soul just feels lifted and purified, somehow. 


I really feel as though everything is possible after these readings. Everything is simple and easy, and whatever used to feel heavy or blocked just vanishes. It's like finally being able to see the sun again and knowing that you're exactly where you're meant to be..." 


After the reading you'll receive an audio with the healing she just did for you. She communicates with such deep love and understanding for you and your soul's innermost longings. It's filled with words of wisdom to guide you on your path, and not for a second will you doubt the fact that she sees your essence. You simply feel it in every cell in your body. It's really one of the most magnificent gifts you could ever give your self. Thank you!”


Lenni René Ravn

"Dearest Pernille - I'm absolutely thrilled and humbled at the experiences I have with you through our work together. Our conversations and sessions are just out of this world.  

Every time we meet, I experience an expanded heart connection and the acknowledgment of a higher level of consciousness about who I am and the possibilities that lie ahead of me. With your unconditional love and strong connection to the universal energies, I really feel that you're able to reach me at my core. You meet me exactly where I am, and not where I often think I am. You're able to bring my blindspots into the light, so that I can start seeing them, owning them and living from that new place of enlightenment"


I know my meeting you, your support and your wisdom has really helped me transform myself - and recognize that you're a pivotal piece in the personal success and bliss I'm experiencing at this point in my life. So thank you - so much. Also, I would like to thank you for making your divine abilities available, for being who you are, and I want you to know that you're a huge source of inspiration in my life. 

With love,

Lenni Ravn"


Channe Snerle Persson

"Dear Pernille, your voice truly sounds exquisite! So beautiful, gentle and harmonious.

For a very long time now, I've been trying to build up a daily meditation practice, but to no avail. What you've created - in your deep presence with the Universe - is a beautiful guided meditation just for me, and it makes it so much easier for me to stick to my intention.

(and then I just love when you give me those little personal reminders.. ha ha.. you know me too well).

My wish was to 'be with me', to enter into that place where everything truthful grows. To be in that deep presence with myself and get to know my own essence, my own space. I don't want to be living 'next to myself' but within, because I know that's where love and calm come from. The more my mind and body recognize the meditation and your voice, the faster I connect with that inner space. It opens its portals to me and becomes increasingly more magical. I feel more of me than I ever have, and my inner clarity is finally starting to shine through.

It's with that energy, that presence and inner calm and bliss that I step into the world. 


I see the light in you... and in me :)

With love, Channe"


Christina Martin

"I've had the great pleasure of meeting Pernille at a point of time in my life when I was ready to receive the beautiful gifts of insight and trust that come from working with her. 


Through our sessions, I’ve found the courage to venture deeper into my inner universe, to discover my own capacities, strength, courage, love and light - and to discover who I truly am. 


I have participated in Pernille's workshops, retreats and pilgrim journeys to France... and of course, had personal healing sessions and readings with her. Through her wisdom, I’ve received a handful of very powerful tools to deeply transform and balance my life. She’s helped me find clarity, and the courage to take action on some of the things that are important in my life.


Working with her has really made it very clear to me that life is meant to be lived to its fullest, and it’s given me faith and trust that the steps I take are just the ones I’m meant to be taking. Her own trust in the Universe is completely contagious and comes with such a sense of ease and love.


I sincerely recommend for anyone who has the desire to walk through life in truth and love to work with her – she’s simply amazing."


Praise you too, dearest pilgrim

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