- for you inner pilgrim 


You'll find all practical matters relating to the pilgrimage to Jordan on this page. If, however, questions arise for you, you're more than welcome to reach out to Pernille. 



Agency policies

Whenever possible, Trekking Bureauet collaborates with local operators in order to support local business as well as to provide a direct connection to the local culture. At no point will you find inauthentic or touristic entertainment, dance shows or other performances put on to entice tourists. Only genuine displays of cultural or historical gems or traditions hosted and initiated by local artists or tribes will feature on their tour programs. For this reason, Trekking Bureauet strongly encourages all participants to only use cameras (for either still photography of video recording) with the acceptance of the local population.


All travel local guides collaborating with Trekking Bureauet will be highly professional and well-educated on their field. They serve as a wonderful connection to the local culture and play an important part in making your travel experience as rounded, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

IMPORTANT: General Conditions

Please read this important document describing Trekking Bureauet's general conditions before booking your trip to Jordan.



DKK 16,800


Flights on economy class from Copenhagen - Amman // Amman - Copenhagen
Transfer in accordance with the itinerary
Accommodation in accordance with the itinerary
Meals in accordance with the itinerary
Local transport in accordance with the itinerary

Entrance fees

Visa application

Cancellation insurance
Personal travel insurance

Meals at upon arrival and departure in accordance with the itinerary

Personal allowances

Flights from other destinations than Copenhagen. If you require any help in plannings such flights, please feel free to contact Caspar Suttonfrom Trekking Bureauet.


DKK 1.500 deposit upon booking

DKK 15.350 due no later than January 5, 2019 

The Travel Guarantee Fund

Trekking Bureauet is a registered member of the Travel Guarantee Fundand has member no. 1112.


The pilgrimage to Jordan is hosted primarily in English in order to accommodate international travelers. Pernille as well as our local guides will be sharing their information / teaching in English. If you need information about the places we'll be visiting in another language, please reach out to Pernille.


PLEASE NOTE: Practical information will be given in Danish as well.


We'll be flying Austrian Airways on outbound and inbound routes alike.


If you need help in drawing up cancellation or personal travel insurance, please don't hesitate to contact Trekking Bureauet.

Online preparation meetings

We will meet twice online prior to departure: Our first meeting is on 30 January, the second on 27 February. The purpose of these meetings is to anchor in the energetic and mental direction of our pilgrimage - and of course to go over any practical matters relevant to our journey.

Both meetings are set to begin at 7:30PM CET and will last approximately 90mins. 


Statens Serum Institut in Denmark recommends that travelers visiting Jordan have the Hepatitis A vaccine. For additional information, please visit vaccination.dkor Danske Lægers Vaccinationsservice. Traveling with Trekking Bureauet gives you a 10 percent discount. 


Please fill out the booking form with your personal information