Tibet, September 2019


Tibet is calling, and if you're hearing its voice and feeling its invitation, more than likely, it's your heart responding. Because our heart is the home of the wisdom, love and healing available to us in Tibet, this I strongly believe.

Tibet remains one of the few places in the world that quietly transmits a frequency of healing and meditation into the world. Through its people, its spiritual practices and traditions, Tibet reminds us of our connectedness, of oneness, on a daily basis. It offers to embrace us for who we are with open arms - with an open heart.

In my experience, anyone who visits Tibet with an open heart, daring to follow the truth that lives within, will be forever transformed upon leaving the Himalayan plateau. I could try and describe such transformation, but somehow, no words truly suffice - and besides, only you could really describe the meaning of Tibet for you. Thus, the words on this page are my personal story about Tibet and the love I hold in my heart toward this incredible place and its people.

To me, Tibet is like a mirror that reflects the entire world; a mirror, which - through its diversity and depth - opens a wealth of insights and uniquely personal knowings in each individual pilgrim. Tibet is wild, rough and beautiful all at once. Its foundation to this day is a nomadic culture which, in its essence, values the inner journey "home" over material goods, appearances and status. A pilgrimage to Tibet allows us to absorb this wisdom - right there in its majestic nature.

This pilgrimage offers to take you on a journey from Nepal and into a country like no other. A country rich with inner clarity, wisdom and love like nowhere else in the world. Tibet is calling you, and if you're open, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 



"In order to fully enjoy the gifts that this pilgrimage has to offer, you must embody the open mind, heart and spirit quintessential to a Pilgrim of Life. As the program once we reach Tibet might diverge slightly from the itinerary o this page, it’s important that this doesn’t throw you off course; rather, you’ll trust enough in the Universe to know that changes only occur when exciting surprises or beautiful shortcuts or detours reveal themselves as our pilgrimage unfolds. Sleeping at a primitive mountain campsite should sound like a fun experience to you, just like a silent walk in your own presence already is a natural and beautiful part of your journey of awakening. 


The itinerary is meant is a compass that’ll gently guide us into some of the world’s most sacred places and spaces. However, to make predictions about the personal and spiritual insights that await you on this journey would be impossible. They are out there, waiting for you to discover on your pilgrimage.


In preparation of our journey, we are going to meet three times online prior to departure. The purpose of these meetings is to energetically connect with Tibet and our fellow pilgrims, as well as to open a safe container for you to ask any questions you might have. 


If upon reflection, my dearest Pilgrim, you feel in your heart and soul that a journey like this is the perfect next step on your personal pilgrimage – that you have the courage to embrace the new and unknown parts of you still waiting to be discovered – I honor and welcome you with all of my heart. I can’t wait to embark on this wonderful adventure with you."

- Pernille Mouritsen

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Tibet 2019 - Pernille Mouritsen
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For more than 15 years, my life as Pilgrim has given me the gift of guiding other pilgrims to some of the world’s more extraordinary and sacred places. Together, we’ve explored the healing secrets of the French Pyrenees, and in 2017, Tibet opened its doors to me. In its humble grandeur, it called me to recognize the inner home my soul was longing to meet; not for a second have I regretted my decision to silence my mind and open my heart in trust of that longing.

To me, Tibet offers a truly unique opening to our "eternal now". It is our chance to awaken to a deep inner silence, to magic, and a way of life I've only seen practiced in Tibet - on the Roof of the World.

Tibet remains the land of smiling hearts; an encounter with its depth, presence and endless love is one you'll never forget. An encounter that has no words, but says it all. Come exactly as you are; regardless of religion, convictions or direction in life. We meet as pilgrims and wander together to discover this beautiful country on the Roof of the World.

This pilgrimage is like no other: A sacred journey into the great mysticism that is still a thriving part of the Tibet we know today, and the living Tibetan history!


Imagine this: Ancient convents and temples, monks chanting and a sweet scent of incense flowing through the air. Natural vistas that will literally blow your mind with their vast and unique beauty, and a sacred lake that mirrors everything your mind's eye doesn't see. 


This is all yours when you enter Tibet. This, along with the overwhelming silence that is like medicine for you and any other pilgrim who desires to meet his or her true self. Come with me and discover the wisdom Tibet has to offer you in all its humble glory.


Itinerary: 8 - 22 September 2019



We'll depart from Copenhagen, flying Turkish Airlines via Istanbul to Kathmandu - the destination for our pilgrimage for the first two days.


Once you and your fellow pilgrims have made it to Kathmandu, I'll pick you up at the airport and take you to our hotel, the lovely Manaslu Hotel, in the heart of the city. Upon check-in, there will be time for a short rest, and then our local guide will take us on a tour to Thamel through to Durbar Square. The atmosphere surrounding the square is particularly wonderful at dusk when Nepalese workers stop to light an oil lamp and pray, before heading on home. The city's busy vibe will welcome us with its heartfelt presence, and no doubt let you have a peek into a culture that is as colorful as it is generous.

Accommodation: Manaslu Hotel in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


We visit some of the most renowned religious sites of Kathmandu Valley. Our pilgrimage takes us to the Pashupatinath Temple, the sacred Hindu temple in the valley, featuring a separate Shiva temple and ghats (riverside steps) into the Bagmati River, where the Nepalese Hindus cremate their dead. The Sadhus (holy men), other pilgrims, dead bodies being cremated - all in one place. It's truly a vision to behold! 

This will be a day of awakening our awareness toward the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, before we continue our journey to Tibet. If our permits come through, we will be given the opportunity to visit the Shechen Monastery, which is directly linked to one of the most sacred monasteries in Tibet.

Accommodation: Manaslu Hotel in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


We fly to Tibet, which, if the weather is clear, will be an amazing flight above the Himalayas to the Roof of the World. We arrive in Lhasa at an altitude of 3,650 MASL. In order for your body to handle the high altitudes, it is important to drink plenty of water, keep a slower pace than you normally would and generally pay attention to how you're feeling. Once we reach our hotel, you'll have some time to rest - and enjoy the fact that you've just arrived in this sacred country we also know as the Roof of the World!

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Samye Monastery, the very first monastery in Tibet, awaits our visit. Nothing makes more sense than for us to begin our journey where it all began. Our day takes its point of departure at the monastery, which to many Tibetans is the sacred of the sacred - the monastery of all monasteries. This place, in which several of the Buddhist lineages once came together, offers us its warm welcome. Tibetan Buddhism has its roots here, and Buddhists believe this monastery to be the place from where the soul journeys on, once the body ceases to exist.  

After our visit to Samye, Chimpu Nunnery and Hermitage Caves open their magic to us. Situated directly across from Samye, Chimpu serve as meditation chambers to both men and women who seek inner silence and enlightenment. Much wisdom emanates from these caves and has reached the world through meditation practices and books. 

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Time for transportation: Approximately 40mins by bus.


As we slowly start to merge our awareness with the Tibetan everyday way of life, there's an opportunity to discover the many little rituals and natural dedication to wisdom and happiness that's ingrained in Tibetan culture. At the Sera Monastery, we'll be given the unique opportunity to witness the monks as they engage in their daily debate exercises, as they have been for centuries. They are deeply immersed in their debates and completely dedicated to this practice. This day offers a rich compilation of chanting monks, aromatic incense and buildings more beautiful than words can describe.

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Ani Tsankhung Nunnery in central Lhasa is an oasis of love and clarity. We're invited to sit with the chanting nuns, a characteristic gesture of the generosity that so abundantly flows through this little nunnery. At the very back of the nunnery, you will find a natural cave which Songtsen Gampo used for his meditations. Songtsen Gampo is traditionally credited with the introduction of Buddhism to Tibet, and thus of immense importance to the country and its culture. If you wish to bring home a mala from Tibet, finding it here is truly justified.

After our visit to the nunnery, we'll head out to Bakhor Street, which leads us to the Jokhang Temple, otherwise known as "the House of Buddha". The Jokhang Temple is said to be the Spiritual Center of Tibet, and once you get there, it'll be clear to you why. The very minute you step through its doors, this sacred place avails its space of peace and healing to its visitors.

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Today we pay a visit to the magnificent Potala Palace. This beautiful iconic landmark used to serve as the winter palace for the Dalai Lama up until 1959 when the 14th Dalai Lama was forced into exile in India. Today it might very well be the holiest of palaces to the Tibetan people, home of so much history and magic that I promise you an experience for life. 

Once we leave the palace, a chance to walk the kora awaits for those of us who feel inclined. The kora invites us into a space of deep contemplation; a walking meditation and heart space shared in gratitude with the Tibetan people. Namaskar, my friend.

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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On this day, Mother Namtso reveals her deep and beautiful mirror to us. At an altitude of 4,720 MASL, the Namtso Lake is the highest situated saltwater lake in the world, and offers a profoundly unique experience. At this point of our journey, we will be so well acclimatized that exploring this sacred site without too many physical challenges should be possible. Namtso Lake means "Heavenly Lake", and we will visit this sacred place in silence. Meditation, reflection and healing will shape our days at Namtso. You are invited to spend these days moving closer in on what lies within, and reach it at its core as you reach yourself. 

Accommodation: Tent camp.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Time for transportation: Approximately 5 hours by bus.


We rise at dawn, and if the sky is clear, we are going to see the magnificent vision of the morning sun reflected in hues of red and yellow in the clear blue lake. Alone in each other's presence, we are going to walk the kora around the lake and visit the small cave which has been the home and temple to a nun for many years. No one seems to really know for how long the yak candles have been burning here, but their flame is as present and steady is ever. This sacred place invites you into an even deeper encounter with yourself. 

When night falls, we are going to watch a beautiful sunset, and allow the night to erase whatever we let the setting sun gently erase from our hearts.

Accommodation: Tent camp.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Our last morning at Namtso, after which we will head to the Ganden monastery - another wonderful gift waiting for your exploration! The monastery is located in northeastern Lhasa in a natural amphitheater, featuring a magnificent view of the surrounding landscapes. Ganden is the primary monastery of the Geluk Sect (the Yellow Hat School), which is also the reason many of their teachings spring from here. The Dalai Lama belongs to the Yellow Hats, who famously believe in the Dharma / Karma balance.

We are going to walk the kora surrounding the monastery, a little pilgrimage in and of itself. I could share much more about this experience, but I'm going to let it unfold with you when we're there, allowing its wisdom to unveil itself before us.

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Time for transportation: Approximately 2 hours by bus.


As our pilgrimage in Tibet draws to a close, we are going to re-visit the Ani Tsankhung nunnery in Lhasa. Yet again, we allow the nuns to create a sacred space for us and hold us in their loving vibration. This day also offers the opportunity for you to visit the places in Lhasa that call for a last good-bye, before we head over the mountains and back to Nepal.

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner


Our days in Tibet have come to an end, and we fly back to Kathmandu.

Transfer to our hotel. 

Accommodation: Manaslu Hotel in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


You have the day at your disposal and are free to wander the lively, colourful streets of Katmandu. Or maybe you feel like visiting the beautiful Stupas one last time to bid them farewell.

Accommodation: Manaslu Hotel in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


We fly back to Denmark via Istanbul, and arrive early that same evening. 

Our pilgrimage to the Roof of the World has now been brought to an end. 

Meals included: Breakfast


Dates, Price & Booking


Outbound: Departure from Copenhagen on SUNDAY 8 SEPTEMBER 2019 at 3:00PM, arriving in Istanbul at 7:10PM. Departure from Istanbul at 8:45PM, arriving in Kathmandu at 6:20AM.


Inbound: Departure from Kathmandu on SUNDAY 22 SEPTEMBER 2019 at 7:35AM, arriving in Istanbul at 12:55PM. Departure from Istanbul at 3:20PM, arriving in Copenhagen at 5:45PM.


DKK 33 - 35,000 (see practical details for further information)


You book your ticket to Tibet by filling out the form with your personal details, including your full name, phone number and email address. Once Trekking Bureauet (the tour operator) has received your information, you will receive an invoice of DKK 1,500 covering your deposit. If you wish to book more than one ticket, you're more than welcome to do so, just remember to include the details required for all travelers.

You start the booking process by filling out the form below. Once your deposit has been registered with Trekking Bureauet (the tour operator), your booking is confirmed. 

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