Jordan, March 2019


To courageously say yes - to venture into the unknown - that to me is a Pilgrim’s destiny. It brings with it many joys, deep discoveries and doors into magnificent transformations that I personally would never be without. Throughout my life, I’ve been guided by an unwavering sense of trust in my inner Pilgrim, nature’s wonders, as well as the curiosity to discover ancient historical and personal gems alike. 


For more than 15 years, my life as Pilgrim has given me the gift of guiding other pilgrims to some of the world’s more extraordinary and sacred places. Together, we’ve explored the healing secrets of the French Pyrenees, and in 2017, Tibet revealed its majestic, yet humble pearls of wisdom to us on the Roof of the World. And then, in March of 2019, I’m fortunate enough to open the treasure trove of Mystical Jordan. 


As with any other pilgrimage I’ve ever guided, Jordan has called me on a soul level. What’s different this time, however, is that mine, like yours, will be a virgin pilgrimage to the Jordanian desert. Even if you’ve been to Jordan before, the journey that lies ahead of us will offer us new and unknown insights; it will open new energetic portals on a personal as well as spiritual level, and if you’re willing, we are going to explore these wonderful, sacred inner and outer landscapes together.


I invite you, my dear Pilgrim, to join me on this glorious adventure into the desert. I invite you to join me in being guided by the Universe and to open our inner gates to clarity, knowing, connectedness and truth.

Welcome to Jordan - a journey for your inner Pilgrim.



"In order to fully enjoy the gifts that this pilgrimage has to offer, you must embody the open mind, heart and spirit quintessential to a Pilgrim of Life. As the program might diverge slightly from the current itinerary, it’s important that this doesn’t throw you off course; rather, you’ll trust enough in the Universe to know that changes only occur when exciting surprises or beautiful shortcuts or detours reveal themselves as our pilgrimage unfolds. Your physical shape needs to be great, and the shape of your hiking boots even better. Sleeping in a tent in the Jordanian desert should sound like a fun experience to you, just like a silent walk in your own presence already is a natural and beautiful part of your journey of awakening. 


The itinerary is meant is a compass that’ll gently guide us into some of the world’s most sacred places and spaces. However, to make predictions about the personal and spiritual insights that await you on this journey would be impossible. They are out there, waiting for you to discover on your pilgrimage.


In preparation of our journey, we are going to meet twice online prior to departure. The purpose of these meetings is to energetically connect with Jordan and our fellow pilgrims, as well as to open a safe container for you to ask any questions you might have. If upon reflection, my dearest Pilgrim, you feel in your heart and soul that a journey like this is the perfect next step on your personal pilgrimage – that you have the courage to embrace the new and unknown parts of you still waiting to be discovered – I honor and welcome you with all of my heart. I can’t wait to embark on this wonderful adventure with you."

- Pernille Mouritsen
Pernille Mouritsen


For your inner pilgrim

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Ahead of us lies a journey with so many incredible historical doors to be opened. We'll be visiting Mt. Nebo, the burial place of Moses; we’ll be exploring remnants of the Roman Empire present in Jaresh, and surrender to the Great Nothing of the Jordanian desert. We’ll be sleeping in Bedouin tents or directly under the starry desert sky, with only the Heavens above us. 


From here, a hike through Um Ratam awaits us - an old Nabatean settlement - leading us on to Little Petra with its sacred stories, still vibrating in the surrounding rock formations and ancient ruins.

During our pilgrimage, we’ll undoubtedly encounter some of the most spectacular views and visions this world has to offer.

Together, we’ll create an intentional and loving space for these visions to transcend the physical realm, and allow them to turn into deeply personal insights.


Guided and Vipasana-style meditations are going to be part of our daily practice, as well as the occasional opportunity to share our insights with one another. 


A spiritual quest awaits us; an amazing journey to a country still very much in touch with its authenticity and essence. If we have the courage, such a quest entails the 

opportunity to gain a greater sense of clarity about our life path - to take a glance into the hidden treasure chambers of our soul. My most heartfelt wish and recommendation is for us do just that as we awaken the Pilgrim within.


Itinerary: 19 - 31 March 2019



We'll depart from Copenhagen, flying Austrian Airlines en route to Amman - the destination for our pilgrimage for the first two days.

Departure from Copenhagen at 7:20AM, arriving in Vienna at 9:05AM for at short lay-over. Departure from Vienna at 10:10AM, arriving in Amman at 2:50PM.


Our first day in Amman begins with a visit to Madaba and the Mosaic Map, the oldest known map of the Holy Land in the world. The astonishing map is situated inside a church which was build for protection and preservation purposes. It seems like just the perfect place to begin this specific pilgrimage - as a way to anchor in the direction toward the "Holy Land Within", the unknown treasures in you. 

After Madaba, we head to Mt. Nebo which is said to be the burial grounds of Moses. Known in Hebrew as "Moses, Our Teacher", his energetic imprint opens a beautiful pathway into our pilgrimage that has now officially begun.

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast and dinner.


We leave Amman to visit Jaresh, a remnant of the ancient glory and magnificence of the Roman Empire. We'll be visiting the Temple of Zeus, one of the first temples for worship in the area. It is believed that the temple was born out of a simple cave, and then gradually developed into the beautiful building whose well-preserved ruins allow us to have an audience with Zeus and his daughters, Artemis and Apollo. Time for closing our eyes and receiving divine inspiration. 

After our visit to Jaresh, we'll be taken to Dana, where we'll spend the night. 

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Approximate halfway between Amman and Aqaba, Dana stretches her untamed rocky plateaus across the deep gorges and valleys, all the way down to the desert and Wadi Araba. The 500 year old village of Dana, situated right in the heart of this majestic national park, effortlessly inspires us to enter into a quiet space - into the slow and simple living of a pilgrim. Rare animals and plants lead an unpretentious, protected life here, serving as a poetic reflection of the day ahead of us: 

Following the first few days of our pilgrimage that we spent discovering some of the external treasures of Jordan, the energetic blueprint of Dana guides us into an inner uncovering of Jordan's deeper messages to us. We allow the energy to guide us and point us in the direction of what's next. Time for meditation, reflection and sharing. 

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


At 8:00AM a buss will take us to Wadi Feynan, commencing our pilgrimage through the Jordanian deserts and wadis. We'll drive as far as nature permits until we reach a little grove, and then walk from here to a ravine that's only filled with water in the rainy season - a "wadi". At this time of year, water still flows in the wadi, and we'll follow the path downstream, sometimes walking on the banks of the wadi, sometimes through the water itself. The desert surrounding us tells a vibrant tale in all shades of red and yellow with the clear, blue sky above us - either like a limitless canvas or in the shape of a miraculously delicate and narrow streak of Heaven. 

A day spent in silence, being one with nature and gently relaxing into the pilgrim way of life. We'll allow nature to amaze and inspire us. Palm trees sparingly scattered along our route create a sense of life's resilience - magical, strong and ever-present. As we leave the wadi and the landscape slowly opens itself to us, we'll reach our destination for the night - a Bedouin tent camp.

Accommodation: Bedouin tent or under the open sky. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Following the first night spent in the Jordanian desert, we awaken to a day that includes a wonderful hike from The Black Desert en route to Wadi Aho Sakakeen, and from there, on to Wadi Araba and the Red Desert. The hike, taking us through desert, then wadi; then wadi, then desert, calls us like a river with its ebb and flow. It almost feels as though natures invites us to enter into those spaces of our lives that contain the energy of both ebb and flow. An invitation to embrace ourselves in seasons of drought as well as lushness. 

We'll spend this day in silence. 

Accommodation: Bedouin tent or under the open sky. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


We'll hike from Al-Sofor toward the lower part of Wadi Musa - The Valley of Moses - which eventually leads us to Um Ratam, an old Nabatean settlement. The Nabatean people lay the foundation of Petra, which served as their capital, and thus, their role in shaping the very essence of Jordan as a country is unmistakable. 

This will also be a day for reflection and meditation, grating us the time and space we need to integrate whatever new insights, discoveries and epiphanies we receive on our pilgrimage. 

Accommodation: Bedouin tent or under the open sky. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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This morning we'll continue through the Valley of Moses, and venture down an old Nabatean caravan route, Neqeb Slasel. Ahead of us awaits a beautiful 6-hour hike that culminates in the revelation of the historical rock formations and excavations of Little Petra. Slowly and gently, insights from our hike will surface, and we'll embrace the opportunity to share what's crystallized in our hearts and minds.

Accommodation: Fast camp in a shared twin tent. 

Meals included: Breakfast and dinner.


After an early breakfast, our inner adventurers and pilgrims invite us to explore the grounds in and around Little Petra. Petra means rock and indeed, a true rock-climbing adventure awaits us. We are going to explore some of the most astonishing rock formations and monuments known to mankind. Perhaps your inner eye will give you a glimpse of the busy merchants dealing in silks, spices, incense and herbs in this very location more than two thousand years ago? The Nabatean people, who used to inhabit Little Petra, have left behind more than 800 monuments and dwellings excavated directly into the rocks. Many still remain in a remarkably well-preserved condition. 


Our hike then takes us to the Kings' Tombs, the Theatre and on to the AlKazna Treasure Chamber - one of Petra's most famous monuments, know from the Indiana Jones movies. After AlKazna, we leave Petra and hike through a narrow gorge for 1.3 KM. This part of our hike is the perfect opportunity to allow quiet contemplation and reflection distil the essence of our day, letting it sink into our core. Once through the gorge, we'll be taken to Wadi Rum, where we'll spend the next couple of nights.

Accommodation: Bedouin tent or under the open sky. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


At the break of dawn in Wadi Rum, a magnificent journey commences - a journey to likely exceed our wildest dreams and imagination. Jordan is going to show us her true mysticism and magic, her wild beauty and raw strength. Heat, thirst, sand beneath our feet and not a single tourist in sight. Our hike will take us through the splendid golden rose-colored hues of a desert that's been the home of many different cultures. It'll lead us past unimaginable rock formations and yellow sand dunes as far as the eye can see. This part of our pilgrimage is going to speak to us in many different tones and tongues, and serve as a beautiful opening to embracing our inner adventurers.

Accommodation: Bedouin tent or under the open sky. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


We'll begin the day in Wadi Rum and take in the last breaths of the incredible desert. Space for deep reflection and the opportunity to share. After lunch we'll head to the Dead Sea, a scenic drive through the Jordanian landscapes.

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast and dinner.


We'll spend the day by the Dead Sea, following in the footsteps of none other than the great Cleopatra herself. Legend has it that the Queen of Luxury was very well aware of the healing benefits of swimming in the salty waters. We'll spend this day in complete relaxation, enjoying the beautiful and nourishing surroundings, allowing for our pilgrimage to calmly anchor its insights and experiences into our inner hearts.

Accommodation: Hotel (tbd) in a shared twin room. 

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Our pilgrimage has come to and end, and we'll leave the Dead Sea to go to the airport.

Departure from Amman at 4:10PM, arriving in Vienna at 7:05PM for a short lay-over. Departure from Vienna at 8:20PM, arriving in Copenhagen at 10:05PM.
Meals included: Breakfast.

"I feel both honored and slightly vulnerable inviting you to join me on this virgin pilgrimage. However, I also feel with every ounce of my heart and soul that the time is ripe, and I'm ready to share my first steps into the Jordanian mysticism and magic with you."
- Pernille Mouritsen

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Outbound: Departure from Copenhagen at 7:20AM, arriving in Vienna at 9:05AM for at short lay-over. Departure from Vienna at 10:10AM, arriving in Amman at 2:50PM.


Inbound: Departure from Amman at 4:10PM, arriving in Vienna at 7:05PM for a short lay-over. Departure from Vienna at 8:20PM, arriving in Copenhagen at 10:05PM.


DKK 16,800 


You book your ticket to Jordan by filling out the form with your personal details, including your full name, phone number and email address. Once Trekking Bureauet (the tour operator) has received your information, you will receive an invoice of DKK 1.500 covering your deposit. If you wish to book more than one ticket, you're more than welcome to do so, just remember to include their details as well.

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