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Update: Tibet 2019

Update: The itinerary is here!
Booking on a first come, first served basis.

The pure love and happiness emanating from Tibet - the country's powerful and gentle signature energy - is calling yet again, when Pernille and 14 other pilgrims travel to the Roof of the World

UPDATE: The itinerary is now here, and the first brave pilgrims have already booked their tickets.

Travel dates: 8 - 22 September, 2019.

Price estimated at approximately 33-35,000 DKK.

I'm so excited to share this sacred journey with you.

Pernille Mandira


Beloved Pilgrim


Trust love is an open, loving invitation to you, as you explore your magnificent life path. It is an energetic ‘hand in the back’ to help you remember your soul essence and hear its voice. No matter your unique, personal truth or direction, Trust Love is here to support you in choosing, respecting and honoring it, come what may.


In essence, Trust Love is a bold, yet gentle banner under which we travel as fellow pilgrims to some of the worlds most sacred places; treasure chambers like the caves of the French Cathars, and the Buddhist temples and shrines of Tibet, are inviting us to partake in their glorious beauty and ancient wisdom. And it is the banner that guides us into the vastness of our soul’s abode - into that wondrous place within where our natural-born peace resides - our Buddha nature.


Through workshops, soul readings, distance healing and wonderful pilgrimages, Trust Love actively works with the wisdom of the ancient Therapist, the magical world of the shaman and, of course, the loving guidance of the Universe.


From my heart, welcome, dear pilgrim

- I look forward to traveling with you.

Mirror of the Soul

A channeling from Lake Namtso
Mirror of the Soul 

"Tibet is calling, Mother Namtso is inviting us to come and stay at her shores, come awakening our essence and receive her healing. We will visit her in September, spend days in her wisdom, open to deep inner silence and walk the Kora that she offers us, to deepen the connection to that which is" 

Pernille Mouritsen


Trust Love is currently in the process of planning new and exciting pilgrim journeys, and soon, the full program for 2019 - 2020 will be released. Join Pilgrim News to get the latest updates on these extraordinary, soulful experiences!

"Look deep enough and you shall find that life happens within you - not to you".  

- Pernille Mouritsen

Pilgrim journeys


Since 2005, Pernille has been guiding other pilgrims to some of the most sacred places in the world. Her pilgrimages are journeys of the soul - an opportunity for you to deeply connect with your inner adventurer in dedication to exploring your true spiritual and personal path.

Right now on Trust Love, Pernille has the honor and privilege to present a special destination, inviting you to enter into a magnificent energetic gateway: Tibet is calling us home in September 2019, inviting us to come to the Roof of the World.

You're invited to explore this very powerful opening and see if its unadulterated beauty calls you to venture out and meet its wisdom. 

"The pathway to healing and inner peace automatically opens the very moment we recognize that we have but one eternal life - one life which is forever connected with everything in the Universe".
- Pernille Mouritsen


& Distance Healing


A reading with Pernille opens a sacred space in which you have the opportunity to grow an even stronger connection with your soul and inner truth. Her readings are gentle yet powerful, and offer clarity and direction for individuals and businesses alike.​

With loving candor, insight and a wonderful sense of humor, Pernille helps you reconnect with that which you inherently know to be true, but momentarily have forgotten. From this point on, you are able to continue your journey with a new sense of hope, strength and inner calm. 



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